Dogs Facts
Facts About Dogs That You Probably Did Not Know
    by Angry Young Indian / May. 09, 2015


Dogs are loved the most. But there is more to Dogs than their cuteness and Loyality
These Mind blowing facts about dogs are so amusing.

  1. The Beatles' song, A Day in the Life, has an extra-high pitch whistle in the end. The whistle was especially incorporated for Paul McCartney's Shetland sheepdog


  2. Border Collies, the workaholics of the dog world, are considered to be the most intelligent breed. .


  3. Afghan Hounds, on the contrary, are popularly considered to be the dumbest dogs.


  4. The famous Saint Bernard breed gets its name from the Great St Bernard Hospice, located in the Swiss Alps. The sanatorium used these gentle giants of dogs to rescue victims from the snowy Alps


  5. A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than that of humans.


  6. The Basenji is the only dog in the world who doesn't bark.

  7. At 44 inches, Zeus, a Great Dane from Michigan, USA, was named the tallest dog in the world by the Guinness World Records in 2012 and 2013. He died from age-related causes in September 2014. . .


  8. Dogs can recognize the smell of a range of organic compounds, which enables them to diagnose signs of cancer, diabetes and epileptic seizures in human beings.

  9. A dog can locate the source of a sound in 6/100th of a second by using its ears like a radar.


  10. Small Pekingese dogs were used as Chinese emperors' last line of defence. The dogs were hidden in the emperors' sleeves.


  11. Chihuahuas derive their name from the state in Mexico where they were discovered.


  12. The Holy Bible mentions dogs 14 times.


  13. Dogs curl up while sleeping to protect their vital organs and abdomen from predators.


  14. A bounty of US $300,000 was put on the head of US Customs' dogs Rocky and Barco, by the drug cartel, because of the canine duo's efficiency in patrolling the Mexican border.


  15. An estimated 62 percent of US homes have dogs that's close to 72.9 million homes

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