Two and half man Quotes
Best Charlie Sheen Quotes From Two And Half Man


Two and Half Man, series that we all grew up with. Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Harper, and him portraying this epic character with kinda ease. Ohh How much we love Charlie.

Here we have List of Dialogues said by Charlie from the series which are simply amazing.

  1. Hey, you know the rule—if there's topless sunbathers you don't hang out and stare at them; you come get your Uncle Charlie.

  2. Her high school graduation pictures are probably on a cave wall in France!

  3. No dogs in my house. Especially stolen dogs that are big enough to make me their bitch

  4. Alcohol is for people who can afford to lose some brain cells.

  5. I guess your hearing is more acute when your nuts are on the line

  6. It seems like yesterday I could party all night and eat and drink anything I wanted to. Now, a couple of Red Bulls and a waffle and I'm sittin' in the emergency room, prayin' for a fart.

  7. You’ve been living here for a few weeks now, I assume you have blood in your stool.

  8. Just so we're clear, my car is cherry, so if you bang it, ding it, dent it, or even change the ass print in the seat, just keep driving till you get to Mexico, then bury yourself in the desert.

  9. Lets see, one Russian blonde, one Scottish brunet, and a full-bodied red head from Napa Valley... Charlie's Angels.

  10. The day you start accepting limitations is the day you start dying, and I am not dying, my friend. I am living life to the fullest. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go throw up and take a nap.

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