IPL Series India Ka Tyohaar
#MumbaiIndian Support Slogans


IPL is just 2 days away, and people have gone crazy with Excitmenet.
Today #TeamPicescorp came across Mumbai Local with Posters of Slogan and Tag lines supporting Aaamchi Mumbai cha Team "Mumbai Indians"

These lines and slogans were catchy enough to grab quite an attention
Unfortunately we could not arrange Proper Pictures of these slogan [Though we advice you to stay tuned ;) Cause We are on a mission] but indeed we have tried and got those [and few more added by us] here.

  1. Rohit ka Ekich Fight Matlab Vatavaran Tight :

  2. Aasman Se Tapka Tou Pollard Ne Lapka :

  3. Malli Ko Hul Tou Daandi Gul :

  4. Corey Ka Satkega Tou Utha Utha Ke Patkega :

  5. Apun Ka Bhajji, Udayega Sabki Dhajji :

  6. Blizzard Four Six Mar Ke Sabko Kar Dega Behaal :

  7. Aaron Finch Sabko Nachayega Dhinchak Dhinchak Dhin :

  8. Jasprit Bumrah, Yorkers Dalke Sabko Karega Gumrah :

  9. Keep calm and Watch Mumbai Indians Win :

With These kind of Cheers #MumbaiIndians would surely Rock The world, or as we say it "Duniya Hila Denge" :D
Do comment and let us know if you have few more to add to this list .

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