Control Carbon Dioxide And Control The Global Warming


We humans think that we could do anything we want. But can we really control the rotation of the earth? Can we slow down the time? Can we be immortal? Can we control the raising heat? Science still remains silent about others but yes we can control the heat. We canít slow down the time but we can slow down the global warming.

The Carbon Dioxide: The CARBON DIOXIDE is the basic reason of the global warming. Yes, there is a lot of reason or compound of causing the global warming but carbon is the main. If we control the carbon dioxide we can control more than 60% of the heat. That means we can slow it down with a huge rate.

The sun emitted light energy to the earth, but the maximum energy released by the surface of the earth. The carbon dioxide holds some of the energy released from earth. So the fact is the more carbon dioxide more energy they absorbs, and the more energy they absorb the more heat keep by them.

Fuels such as gasoline, Cole, methane contain carbon. When we use these fuels they burn and react with oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Also from the factories, they produce a lot amount of carbon dioxide. And also from the vehicles we use every day. They only produce CO2 and pollute the air. So we again come to the fact more CO2 is the reason of more heat.

Approximate Atmospheric CO2

Note: It is the approximate value of parts per million of carbon that change over years.

Why CO2 : CO2 is the chief component of global warming. Trees takes CO2 (Carbon dioxide) in the day time for photosynthesis and produce O2. In the night time they take CO2 and produce O2. This way they control the stability of Carbon dioxide and Oxygen in the atmosphere. But we human produce a lot of Carbon dioxide by our activities. But in earth we do not plant enough trees to absorb the extra CO2. So by each year the amount of CO2 is increasing. Around 350 ppm to 360 ppm is the safety level of carbon dioxide in air. On average CO2 increased by 2 ppm to 3 ppm each year and at present (Year 2015) it has cross 400 ppm.

Ways to reduce CO2 : Reducing use of Carbon fuel can reduce CO2 in the air. That means if we reduce using energy sources that contains Carbon, we can reduce the CO2 from the air. There is another way to reduce CO2 from the air, if we can capture Carbon from the air.
1. Carbon free energy sources: Use of Carbon free energy source like solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, nuclear power etc can reduce CO2 emissions in the air.
2. Low carbon energy sources: Low carbon energy sources such as natural gas (CNG, LPG). The purpose of low carbon fuel is also emission CO2 in air.
3. Capture of CO2: Capturing carbon dioxide can be a good option for reducing CO2 from the air. Like trees they capture carbon and stored within themselves and also in the soil. An alternative way of capturing Carbon dioxide is after or before burning the carbon fuel.

Low-carbon fuel standard
Low carbon fuel Standards is a rule of reducing carbon from transportation fuel. In 2007 for the first time this rule is mandate in California. Similar order had been given in the year of 2008 in British Colombia.

Cover Image Source : CO2INSANITY

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