Frankly ME
Connect With Your Favorite Celebrities Through Frankly Me
    by Angry Young Indian /


Are you dieing to connect with your favorite celebrities ?? Have questions to ask ? then you might want to try this out, and no we are not talkign about Twitter here. The app named Frankly.Me a rising app where you can ask questions to celebrities and they will reply through video selfies. Now that is something real real cool.

And if you want reply as soon as possible then you you need to invite your friend and ask them to vote for your query, More the votes Celebs opt for answering your query.

This app has simple and rich interface, you can check all celebrities who are avaible on and if your favorite star is not there you can invite them to through twitter or facebook.

For now the application has many known personalities from various domains such as Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Author Ravinder singh, Writer and Poet Javed Akhtar Ali, Singer Gurdas Maan etc.

You can download this app from Apple Store And Google Play Store, Visit the site to know more.

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