#HappyEarthDay - Go Green With These Nature Quotes
    by The Witty Psycho / April. 22, 2015


These quotes make you think about mother nature, let us all go through it and take a pleadge this Earth Day to change at elast something for better

For the good of nature and mankind - Let us Go Green.

  1. "Whats The use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable Planet to put it on? "


  2. "The fate of the Living planet is the most important issue facing Mankind"


  3. "Snow is Melting Mother earth is crying"


  4. "Dear smokers please get thick decomposable plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you smoke So that you enjoy the smoke 100% I Don't want Any % of it"


  5. "Only after last tree has fallen Only
    Only after last river has been poisoned
    Only after last fish has been caught
    Only after then will we realize money can not be eaten"


  6. "Thank God we cannot cut down the clouds"


  7. "Take care take charge And Make Change in your Unique way"


  8. "We do not Inherit The Earth From our ancestors We borrow it from Our Children So Preserve it"


  9. "Recycling one ton of papers Save 17 Trees"


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