The Devil Within - Love Conquers All


I feel it in my heart , that awful need
Too unlock the demon that lies within me .
Over the years , I 've heard their words .
Heard their scorn, felt their cords .
That bound me , keeping me locked away
Keeping me captive , keeping me as prey.
My blood is only half , so they would say .
They feared what laid within my blood .
Trying to destroy my spirit whenever they could.
But for whatever reason , my spirit held firm.
Until at this moment , now it is torn .
Foolish men think they can stand, think they can fight
Against my demon blood , my power, my very might.
Your eyes hold both hurt and worry and seem to shimmer .
But there is something else , something that seems to glimmer .
You don 't try to run, you do not flee
Instead you cry out and run to me .
I will toy with you, like a mouse .
My souls on fire, it can’t be dosed .
My very nature .
My very goal .
My very self .
My very soul.
Your touch is gentle and seems to sting .
That unruly monster deep within me .
Your warmth is binding , I must break free .
I feel myself begin to fade
The darkness is clearing, with my hate
But my heart is dark and taint
And so again rises the hate

The scent is overwhelming and fuels my desire .
Fueling my hate, fueling the fire.
Your touch cannot save you
Nor can your voice
I can no longer feel you.
I have no other choice .
The hate that I feel is clouding my eyes It binds me more than you'll ever realize.
Still you are calm and seem to know That the hate within me is beginning to grow .
Your embrace becomes stronger trying to fight That burning desire that rages inside.
You pause a moment , your mind begins to race ,
You 've come to a solution and don 't hesitate .
As you lean toward me slow yet sure Your heart is beating fast but pure .
Your lips gently touch, firmly against mine Trying to subdue, the demon that dwells inside.
My grip tightens , I will not give in You can never calm , my demon within .
Inside I laugh, at your pathetic act.
You ’d never love me , never accept
What I am , how I see the world
You ' d only pretend , only even the score
Take my heart , is what you plan And crush it then within your hands .
No, I won ' t allow you to Won ’t fall into your trap
I will break from you I will get myself back .
A flicker of hate flashes once more For some reason , I can't let go.
Your love is overpowering and seems so strong.
Your touch is comforting yet nothing seems wrong .
In my heart I finally know ,
That you really must love me ,
For so you have shown .
For if it couldn' t be true ,
Then how could you?
Stay so loyally beside me ,
All this time thru .
This change that I am cursed with
This hell that I live in .
I can now let go, of that horrible desire .
I can now kill the demon , destroy the fire.
Your eyes are shut , as you hold tight .
Never let go, you will win the fight .
Now that I can see
That you love me
I won't go back
Won't fall for the trap.
I will always love you
Not matter what you do For as you see ,
That's what you did for me .
I seek your touch .
I seek your voice .
I seek your love .

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