You’ll always see your picture in my eye, I promise to love you till the day I die..!!


I’ve seen dreams where I kiss you,
and spent lonely nights when I miss you,
But, nothing can be better then the day,
When I’ll know that you’ll always stay..!!

You don’t need to try very hard, coz
Inside my heart there’s just one card,
That shouts out your name all the time,
With songs written in perfect rhyme..!!

If only you could hear my heart’s voice,
You’ll know my heart never had any choice,
But, to love you like none other can,
and wait for you till end of its life span ..!!

I never meant to force my love on you,
Coz The love I have is all pure and true,
and there is no thought more divine
but, the thought of making you mine

The days have past and its been long,
Since I feel your love in every song,
Now its time to say what I have inside
that I want you to stay by my side..!!

Would you accept my heart or let it rot?
If I ask whether you love me or not
Would you listen to what I have to say
or will you ignore and walk away..??

I know my love, that you’ll believe me
because to you my love is no mystery
but, even if you don’t love me back,
I promise I’ll never change my track..!!

I don’t know what would I do ,
the day You’ll say “You love me too”,
I know I’ll be loving you more and more,
Coz I’ve never known any love before..!!

So if you love, just give me one sign,
and say what they call “a magical line”,
So that I can hold you in my arms so tight
and never let you go off my sight..!!

I don’t know what next moment will bring,
But, You’ll always be in every song I sing,
You’ll always see your picture in my eye
I promise to love you till the day I die..!!

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