Bye Bye Internet Explorer, Welcome Microsoft Edge
    by Angry Young Indian / April. 30, 2015


We all had heard that soon Internet Explorer would be skipped off by Microsoft, and would not be seen In Upcoming Windows 10. Not that we are complaining ;)
We were also quite excite with announcement of brand new browser project, which was temporary named "Project Sparten" for Windows 10 Preview Which would be Default Browser of Windows
But We Did not knew Official Name Of "Sparten Browser". So Here Microsoft Announces the Official name of default Browser Of Windows and its called "Microsoft Edge".
Here are few features that you need to know

-> It has built-in Cortana support.
-> It has built-in reader, note-taking and sharing features.
-> The design focuses on simplicity and minimalism.
-> The rendering engine is called EdgeHTML

Users who are using preview of Windows 10 have got hands on The Edge browser, and we hear good things about it.

Here have look at Microsoft Edge Teaser

Stay tuned with us for more updates on Microsoft Edge.

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