Worry of missing out Station No More


Nightmare is being on Train jouney, falling asleep after lot of effort, waking up in dark only to find that you have missed out your Station.
Ohh that feeling, but worry not! As now Indian Railway and Helpline 139 comes to the Rescue.

Now train passengers do not have to worry about misssing there stations specialy at night time, Indian Railway Has Announced Wake up call On passengers mobile phone 30min before scheduled arrival at their destination station.
The service a joint initiative of the IRCTC and Bharat BPO, is available through voice call on Railways enquiry number 139.
To use this sevice one needs to dial 139. The user needs to enter the required data such as PNR number, station name, STD code of station while calling up 139 for getting the wake-up alarm. As said by Railway Ministry official.

'139', a crucial train enquiry service, has undergone transformative changes over the years providing round-the-clock services on real-time basis. And now with this Wake Up Call service improvisation, Railways is indeed looking for better Customer Satisfaction and Best Services.

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