Nepal Earthquake
A Weekend Turned Wicked - We Survived Earthquake


A Weekend Turned Wicked

25th April 2015 was a perfectly normal holly-day until it wasn't. A weekend turned wicked . The ground shook us all from deep within our hearts.One moment we had all we wanted from life and the next moment we were deprived of it.Our legs were shaking uncontrollably and we were running for our life.We were drenched in sweat but the ground just wont stop shaking.It just felt like forever and that was the moment we realized the power of nature.The nightmare wasn't over, it just began.

The debris of body and architecture rained down in our nation. The day got ruined when a massive earth quake of 7.9 richter scale hit the entire nation with its epicenter being Barpak. The day never seemed to end. Every second felt like a year and every breath felt like a blessing. We were drenched in fear, hoping and praying for nothing but for everything to return to normal. This was the moment I truly wished that fairy tale was true. I hoped that with a flick of a wand I could do something, anything! The after shock never went away leaving us with no option but for the fear to overtake us.

Sleepless night and endless fear gripped us. "Anticipation" as my sister phrased it was our greatest fear and enemy.
No network, no communication and no electricity supply. That is how we survived. Every motion, every movement made our heart skip a beat. Our minds were accustomed even to a small tremor and the movement of our legs were spidery.The foods wouldn't go down our throats, every bite was tasteless, every chew a loss of energy. We were living our nightmare. We lived that day in complete apprehension.

As long as the day felt, the night never seemed to end. The fear taunting us, we were utterly helpless.The unseen became seen and unnoticed became noticed.
The night sky seemed so peaceful, so calm.The stars twinkling, the moon shining bright, spreading its warm light over all the people staring at it from below the earth.We all were staring into the heaven through the chaos of hell

Our shrines and historical monuments were dilapidated and desecrated. We were all numb and despondent. The eaves of the historic buildings fell upon the ground and the gloom was not just a passing shadow. The delirium never went away, we all were nothing but deranged. Our only solace was to know that our loved ones were safe. Each person passed through the same excruciating and overwhelming experience. Saturday which was supposed to be exuberant turned into a frantic cry for help.

Our deepest sympathies go out to all those suffered family. May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your loved one rest in peace.
Not losing hope right now is the most important thing."Sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps you moving on."


Esha Rajbhandari / Rosy Rajbhandari
Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, Nepal

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