With This Latest Browser, Sites To Be Fetched Like Torrents


When you enter a URL and hit enter, your computer reaches out to a server someplace in the world to access a website. Sometimes a site is stored on a few servers for redundancy or load balancing, for example When a site gets hit by a lot of traffic, a server has to devote more and more bandwidth to serving content, which can easily saturate the pipes. In the case of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), a website can be knocked offline for hours or days

But here With project maelstrom the story is different. Here even is Server is slow or not responding with heavy traffic and load still you will be able to fetch or access your data. Ask how? Well because Maelstrom Browser by Bit Torrent let's you access sites like Torrents. Once you access any site, you are indirectly seeding for it. which can be useful for other users. Now you know why their tag line says "Experience a Better web. Powered by People".

Maelstrom is useful because site divides into Pieces just like how Torrent Works And you can use the site Normally, though it has a drawback like to keeping new and unpopular sites online because first someone has to seed the site then only it can be accessed better.

This platform would present ethical issues, of course. What if a legitimately terrible or illegal site were hosted in Maelstrom? There might not be any way to take it down
But considering this concept, this surely points towards Future Of Web. It has it's own advantage and disadvantage also but in today's scenario it could be really useful and innovative considering lot of internet issues that we face.

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