Mumbai the best City
#AamchiMumbai - 12 Reasons Why Mumbai Will Always Remain Best City For Us Mumbaikars
    by Angry Young Indian / July. 12, 2015

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Mumbai, The City Of Dreams.
It is called that way for a reason. Mumbai, Maya nagri, Bombay, Aamchi Mumbai, This City has many names and this City has many beautiful reasons to be here just here. They say Once a Mumbaikar Always a Mumbaikar, meaning if you ahve stayed in Mumbai once then you may stay out of Mumbai, but Mumbai will never be out of you. Here we have reasons why Mumbai is practically the best City or place, though we Mumbaikars really need no reason.

  1. Mumbai Dabbawalas
    These guys teaches one, how to be Masters In Business Without any MBA or Education Degree. Their Dedication, Discipline and Consistency is what makes Mumbai all the more worth a visit if you have not visited yet and Real Proud if you are a Mumbaikar.


  2. Marine Drive
    Does this place even needs Introduction, Marine Drive is Mumbai and Mumbai is Marine Drive. The place which encourages you to reach your dreams, place where you sit facing the sea and you can feel tears of joy. Trust me this feeling cannot be expressed in words.


  3. City That Never Sleep
    Whether morning 4:00 am or Past Midnight, you will never feel alone, especially at places like Marine drive. This beautiful city never really sleeps, there is always something going on.


  4. Lifeline Of Bombay Mumbai Local Trains
    Of course its Lifeline of bomaby, connecting one end of city to the other end, so many of us being dependent on Local for travelling. Besides that Mumbai Local will also teach one to be Punctual, You know being even 30 seconds late can result in missing the Train and Entire Schedule for the day.
    If you travel by Mumbai Local and you still do not have Local Time Table on your toungue, ask yourself if you are truly a Mumbaikar?


  5. Mumbai Police
    Mumbaikars always feel lot Safer because of them and Don’t you remember Mumbai Ploice used to be World’s Second Best Police Department after Scotland Yard. If you still wnat to know more on this go to YouTube, surf Crime Patrol Mumbai Episodes and you will know.

  6. Mumbai Cuisine
    Whenever e take the name Mumbai, Vada Pav has to barge in, but Vada Pav is not the only speciality of Mumbai. There are variety of Traditional Maharashtrian Dishes, Street Food, Chaats like Pani Puri, Bhel Puri or Ragda Puri, Dosas and Idlis, All sort of Sweets and Thaalis [Punjabi Thaali, Gujarati Thaali, Rajasthani Thaali... list just goes on]. One never stays hungry in Mumbai and never get bored of Food.


  7. Mumbai Festivals
    No matter what Festival it is, All Mumbaikars will celebrate with equal Joy and Passion. Ganesh Utsav, Govinda, Eid, Diwali, Navratri, these festivals always get people on the street celebrating. The way Mumbai celebrates all Festivals cannot be seen anywhere, I repeat NO WHERE!


  8. Mumbai Monsoon
    This is actually infectious. No matter what you have heard News Channels reporting or complaining, once you enjoy the showers in Mumbai, there is no where else you would want to be. This city turns into different creation, go to Marine Drive, Band stand, Chawpaty or even at your home looking out the window and you will know what I am talking about. Accompany Rains with Bhutta [Roasted Corn] or Kadak Masala Chai [Masala Tea] and heaven will be felt right here in the Arms of Aamchi Mumbai.


  9. Bollywood
    Yeah! Baby It’s Bollywood. Stars, Movies, Premiers, Red Carpets, Film City, Studios, Sets, Shooting.. Phew!

  10. Nostalgia Trip, Precious History
    Mumbai has this Pure Essence of History, to feel which you must take trip to South Mumbai. Gateway Of India, Floara Fountain, Kala Ghoda, Museums, Mani Bhavan and many more Heritage Buildings and Architecture are all here and how.


  11. Street Shopping
    There are so many street markets and they are complete WOW! All the trendy things in a reasonable price and the variety that ones get is simply amazing. Places must visit if you like street shopping are Colaba Causeway, Bandran Linking Road, Fahion Street etc.

  12. Unity In Diversity
    Which other place would give you example of this better than Mumbai! You will see people from different culture, religion, language working and staying in harmony. City where one faces no Discrimination. This beautiful City and People here are always inspiring and helping.


Did not I tell you, It is called “City Of Dreams” for a reason ;)

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