Story of Mrs. T - Injured Turtle


A PLEA by a Pembroke couple, appealing for help after their beloved pet tortoise suffered appalling injuries when it was partially eaten by a rat, has touched the hearts of local people.
This couple Dale Sinclair-Jones and Linzi James of Whitehall Avenue needed financial help for a operations to be preformed on their 90-year-old tortoise, known as Mrs T.
A rat had tried to eat one of her back legs and had completely eaten her two front legs to the elbow joint while she was hibernating, which will have to be amputated.
Couple has been appealing for help in covering Mrs T’s operations through Mrs T Tortoise Facebook page. With this campaign on Facebook it reached many people, and News Source Western Telegraph decided to feature this story, and as it was printed many people have come forward offering help and donation to cover money for Mrs. T's Operation costs.

It is evident that after this Mrs T has become something of a celebrity, with her owners even interviewed on Radio Wales.
Linzi was reported saying : “We never expected her story to take off as it has, we thought that there would be people out there who would support her, but just from the article her fight has spread like wildfire.”
She had also posted on behalf of her Turtle Mrs. T on Facebook: “Folks thank you and thank you again, it looks like my op is going to happen next Friday, My op that was going to cost £350 has been donated. My after care will cost but please take a breath; you have given me so much.” . .

Another Kind-heart well wisher is Trevor Adams of Haverfordwest’s Clever Cloggs. Man who had helped Tortoise before said "About 15-20 years ago I made a set of shoes for a tortoise belonging to a lady who lives down the road; the tortoise was wearing the skin off his legs. I made him a little pair of boots."
He is not a Person looking for benefits and money, he is indeed lover of the Tortoise specie. “It’s not about money at the end of the day, it’s about compassion; I want the tortoise to go on for another 90 or so years.” he had added.
Trevor has come forward and extended his help to Mrs. T to make a set of artificial limbs and shoes for Mrs T when her operation heals, free of charge.

World still possess People with good and kind heart
Get Well Soon Mrs. T :)

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