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What is Virus?

When you hear the Word Virus, you might get scared. Virus is nothing but Programming Script which automatically get installed in your device and Executes when you browse on Internet or download any file from Internet. Hackers use there Scripts to steal your Passwords, Sensitive Data or to corrupt your Files, Hard Drive etc. and Mind you Hacking has just become fun activity.

What and Why Antivirus?

For your system you need a Protection from threats and attacks from hackers, thus you opt for a software or program designed to fight or prevent such attacks.

But there are so many available in market.
How to choose Perfect one?

Nowadays Hackers are so Clever that they design Scripts to work in Stealth Mood which means you will never know Virus is in your device until and unless your Antivirus scans that file. There is no Antivirus which gives you 100% Protection from Advanced Virus. But it's good to have lightweight antivirus to prevent Malware, Adware, USB or any other Unwanted Scripting If you engage in Online Transactions, or E-Shopping then you should also opt for Internet Security. Because it gives you full browser Protection, and prevents your device from any Internet Threat.

Leading and Efficient Antivirus available today

  1. 1. Norton : Norton offers 3 Main Edition, Basic Antivirus, Internet Security and Norton360. Norton is one of the best Antivirus that you will find today. Looking for basic protection for your PC then Norton Antivirus is good for you. Internet security is mostly for those who are indulged into Online Transactions, it provides Real Time Protection. Norton 360 provides full protection plus Facebook protection and 2 GB online storage. Norton is really recommended if you have Low Configuration Device because Norton uses Low Resource [Memory] in comparison to other Antivirus, and thus is light on memory. Obviously with so much being offered this cannot be available for free. All Products from Norton are paid, you can download the free trial version though before making the purchase.
    You can compare Features of Editions from Norton site for which link is made available.

    Norton Antivirus

  2. 2. Kaspersky Antivirus : Kaspersky Lab has many Versions of Antivirus and Full Internet Security available for Home-PC, Small Office Machines Set up, Mobile and for large set up of business. Kaspersky has good Interface. Works quite efficiently. Product perfect for High Configuration Machines, with minimum of 4 GB RAM as this product takes too much memory and that sometimes causes your device to slow down. Talking about editions, Security Products have more features then the basic ones. [You can compare the features on seller’s site]. Another thing to take in notice is that The Definition Update takes long time to download and install.
    This Product is available for Free Trails and Full Paid Packages.

    Kasperesky Antivirus

  3. 3. AVG Antivirus : If you are looking for a free antivirus then AVG Antivirus is for you. AVG offers Internet Security as well, but that product is paid. The Free Version of antivirus works like any other basic antivirus. The latest version has good interface. Updates are also easy to install. One good catch is that it does not detect false virus. When it comes to resource consumption AVG can work in minimum of 1 GB RAM, also it uses memory only while scanning for virus. Does not face issue, and runs on almost all major device.
    If you are not keen on investing in antivirus at moment, but also is in search of protection for device. Bang ON ! This is the match for you.

    AVG Antivirus

  4. 4.Microsoft Security Essential/Windows Defender(For Windows8 or Later) MSE is developed by Microsoft. For Operating Systems Windows 8 or Higher it is inbuilt as Windows Defender. If you are using lower versions of Windows that is Windows 7, then MSE is available for download on Microsoft Site. It is lightweight antivirus which would hardly consume any memory resource. It will not affect Performance of your Device. Even despite that it is efficient enough to provide basic protection. It is available without spending single penny. With Real Time Protection its really good for Home PCs. Quick Scan feature of product as the name suggest is quite quick, but Full Scan can take up to several hours.

    Microsoft Security Essential

  5. 5. Avast Antivirus : Here is another Free Antivirus. Avast has good Interface. Provides Real Time Protection which is good. They have specific shields for Email, P2P, IM And For Networks. It is very easy to use. Do not consume much Memory while Scanning. It has Boot Scan too (But remember Boot Scan may cause Slow Startup Of System depending on your System Configuration) Also it Scan Software through Sandbox When You Install. (But most of time it Blocks Software From Installation without giving Notification even though it is from Trusted Source) Otherwise it is Best Free Antivirus to Use for your Mobile Phone and Computer.

    Avast Antivirus

  6. 6.Avira Antivirus : Avira is free Antivirus for Desktop And Mobile. Has a very Simple Interface and easy to install. The Basic Antivirus Version is free, but Internet Security is Paid. Basic Version does not have Email Scanning and Website Checker. As a benefit with Basic copy you get Free 5GB Secure Online Storage. While Scanning the device it affects the Performance, as it uses more memory. This antivirus can be given a try.

    Avira Antivirus

  7. Some Handy Tips to Prevent your Device from Virus attacks and threats

    1. 1. Install any Basic Antivirus and for Transaction secure with Internet Security

    2. 2. Do not Download Songs, Movies, Softwares from unknown sites. As they often contains and install Unwanted Applications and Trojans into your system.

    3. 3. Do not Surf On Porn Sites as they Often Run Browser Scripts And Annoying PopUps

    4. 4. Keep Check on Your Privacy Settings of your Browser.

    5. 5. Be Careful while clicking On Links in Your Emails.

    6. 6. Do Transaction through trusted Shopping Sites And Always check for Secure Payment Gateway which you can identify from the padlock sign in your browser address bar and where the address says https.

    7. 7. Do not share your Password with anyone and make habit of changing it every month.


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