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World is on Internet and Internet is World.

With Wide growing demand of Internet usage, Demands for Most Efficient Browsers is also rising. Today we have many Browsers available on web, someone has great interface, and other has advanced features.

Read On to find, Top Browsers available today, and their features.

Top Browsers and Features.

  1. 1. Internet Explorer : This default Microsoft Browser comes with Windows Operating System. It’s most widely used Web Browser. The Latest Stable Version of Internet Explorer Is IE11. It Supports HTML5, CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3. Talking about Security it offers Feature Like "Do Not Track", "In Private Browsing". Well if you are kind of person who is just looking for some basic experience then IE is the perfect match for you. Microsoft will be very soon launching Spartan in windows 10, which as all the promos shows looks exciting enough.

    Download IE11

  2. 2. Google Chrome : Google’s Browser Chrome has become very popular in quite a short time. It has many features which are User Friendly in nature. This Browser is Fast, Secure, blocks Popups and also many cool apps and ADD ONs can be downloaded from the Chrome Store. To search anything you need not go to the Search Engine, Simply type your query in the Address bar of the Browser and voila you are good to go.

    Download Google Chrome

  3. 3. Mozilla Firefox : Firefox has been everyone’s favourite browser from long time. Recent Update of the Browser has made it smoother and ADD ONs can be easily installed. But as many ADD ONs requires Restarting the Browser after installing it is not consider that efficient. One added benefit to the Browser is that is Open Source Browser and is very easy to use.

    Download Firefox

  4. 4. Epic Browser Very Useful browser when you don’t want to keep track of your browsing session. It doesn’t save Cookies, Browsing History, Auto Saving Form Data or Passwords. Also blocks Popups. It’s Light weight. One difficulty you might face while installing this browser is that your Antivirus may block installation rights, as it makes changes in the Registry and DDL files. You will need to turn off your Antivirus for installation. As far as Security is concerned you can visit the site of browser and check their claim for safety. And Well our team has been using this browser, we definitely recommend this browser if you wish to surf in Privacy with no trace left behind.

    Download Epic Browser

  5. 5. Safari Browser : Browser developed by Apple. This is Default Browser in Mac Ox and iOS Operating System. But it is available for Windows Operating System Too. Though it uses different GUI and Web Kit Process, it works smooth, has Rich Interface. You can Pause and Resume active downloads. Only drawback is you will not be getting any Store ADD ONs like Firefox and Chrome. Overall it’s good browser to use.

    Download Safari

  6. 6. Opera : Opera Browser is available for Desktop as well as Mobile. It Has few Good Features Which You Won't find In other Browsers like Speed Dial for Navigation. If you are not using WIFI/ Broadband or if your Net Connection is slow then you can use "Off Road Mode" which was Previously Known as "Turbo Mode". Instead of directly downloading webpages, Off-Road contacts Opera's servers for a cached, compressed version of the Web. Also it comes With Limited Customization Options. Good Pick for those with slow net connection

    Dowanload Opera Browser

  7. 7. Firefox For Devlopers : Mozilla developed this new browser explicitly for developers. You can install this with existing Mozilla Firefox. Both work differently and it has New Theme. You can connect to Firefox Developer tools And Support, also You Can Edit JS and CSS with Style Editor. The Responsive View comes Handy when you want to test your Site on Different Screen Sizes without changing your Browser screen Window. Indeed best Browser for Developers

    Download Firefox Developer

  8. 8. Torch : Torch Browser is relatively cool. Light Weight browser, Where one can easily download YouTube Videos and Torrents within browser itself. This Browser offers inbuilt Music Player where one can search for Songs and listen.Other features include Inbuilt download accelerator and Facelift which is used to customize facebook screen with desigs provided by facelift.
    In short this browser is packed with so many functionalities and yet is really light weight!
    We suggest it is worth a try.

    Download Torch

  9. 9. Vivaldi : Here comes another latest Browser called Vivaldi. It is developed by Opera and designed in modern code language like Javascript and React. This browser indeed has best User Interface. Most Vivaldi features are made available left-pane toolbar, which can be easily customized. Tab Postions can be changed to Bottom,Left, Right or you can also hide the tab. When clicked on bookmark option from address bar, it lets you save the site with little preview and you can customize the details in order to save it. Vivaldi Mail is also being intorduced which will be made available in the final build of the product as right now only the Tech Preview of the Browser is available on site. .

    Download Vivaldi [Tech Preview]



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