now uc browser availble for desktop


So here is one more new Desktop browser, Well actully its not new for mobile users, Quite popular in mobile market now makes way to Desktop world.
While We are busy fighting for our Internet rights with Demanding Net Neutrality, UC Browser has come up with PC version of their Already very famous mobile Browser.
Yes Ucbrowser! Now its available for desktop.
This desktop app now has features like download manager, cloud sync, theme, add-ons and more. Amazing effects and rich interface, you will surly you will like it.

Once you Download the UC Browser and start the installation process of this Browser, trust you would be in love. The cute round Installation windows it self would make you say awww.
Let us talk about the interface of browser. Blue in color, with Simple and elegant look of window and tabs, Address bar, bookmarks, favorites and forget not the Select Style option available, to customize theme for your browser windows. On extreme right of Address bar you will see uc crieckt icon where you will get latest score updates of cricket matches. No need to use Google/Twitter/Facebook to know the score eh? [Considering Desktop users have no Cricket apps installed on Desktop]
You can easily sync your mobile bookmarks, it has its own download manager you can easily pause resume downloads anytime unlike chrome. Added benefit you can download Chrome web extensions as well. Cool themes and quick icons you can customize as you want.

FunFact : It's not hard to guess that after Announcement of Microsoft's Project Sparten, everyone is charged up to Provide efficient browsers. Visit Site to know more

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