Windows 10
No Free Windows 10 Update For Non Licensed Copies Of Windows
    by Angry Young Indian / May. 16, 2015


Rather bad news for all the Users having non genuine copy of Microsoft Windows.

In beginning of this year, It was announced that Microsoft would be offering Windows 10 free for initial one year to all the users currently running Windows 7 and higher. In march report started coming that offer would be also applicable for those with Pirated and non licensed copies of Windows. Microsoft will not offer windows 10 Free Upgrade for pirate copy users.

But as it unfolds Microsoft has clearly denied any such extended offers. Officials from Microsoft had said "When we canít verify that Windows is properly installed, licensed, and not tampered with, we create a desktop watermark to notify the user. If you ever encounter this watermark on a new machine, I encourage you to return the device immediately to the retailer from whom you purchased it and request a Genuine Windows device. Microsoft and our OEM partners know that many consumers are unwitting victims of piracy, and with Windows 10, we would like all of our customers to move forward with us together. While our free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will not apply to Non-Genuine Windows devices, and as we've always done, we will continue to offer Windows 10 to customers running devices in a Non-Genuine state. "

To summarize Microsoft will offer Windows 10 upgrade to Non - Licensed windows users as well, but not for free.

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