10 Reasons Why You should Write a Diary

How many of us have seen those friends who sits in corner always scribbling down something in their Dear Diary or Journal. Or are you one of that writer. Ever thought what wonders keeping a diary/journal and daily writing them can help you be a better person?

  1. 1. Improve your Writing and Communication Skills : Most obvious isn't it? Spent some time from your daily routine, on penning down your thoughts to a diary, and see your writing as well as communication skills get improved.

  2. 2. Self-Talk : This is really one of the most amazing thing about writing diaries or journal. Write down what you feel, what you dream, about family, friends, people that you love, people that you hate. No Limitation, I mean who can say no to self, right?"

  3. 3. Vent , Scream , Cry , Laugh with this Non Judgmental Friend : You had your first date and you are feeling oh so butterflies, had the worst fight with your friend who doesn't understand your view at all , that teacher who shouts at you for apparent no reason. Tell it all to your diary, and as it cannot reply or judge you, it acts as the perfect listener where you can be who you are without being criticized or judged by it.

  4. 4. Self-Mirror that helps improve Over all you : What do we use a mirror for? To stare at your face for hours and enhance the way you look. That is what a diary does for your Personality. You can perceive yourself better with help of what you write in diary. Get to know yourself better, know what you really like, what you Really Love, or what you actually hate. Just be honest and tell your diary all.

  5. 5. Analysis and Insights : Writing diary helps you clear your insight, clear all your doubts and confusions, helps solving your problems. You become more analytical towards situations, about people. If someone act in certain why he/she did that? You start becoming more of observant and that gives you a crystal clear insight about the world. And your outlook towards world and others change for good.

  6. 6. Create Memories and Record All Events : All Your special little moments, all the deeds and relation. Make a note of it all in your journal and diary, and lock them with yourself for a lifetime. It is like creating your memory lane where you can get back anytime.

  7. 7. Stress Buster/ Therapist : Had a bad day, Tell it to your diary. Don't just keep it in your heart buried down with the grudge forever. Instead just write it down in your diary, it can act like your personal therapist helping you sort down your thoughts and relieve your stress.

  8. 8. Capture Your ideas when they are fresh and new : Thought of something very new and unique. Some random thought or quote that you came across. And it is all forgotten after days or two. Don't wait for that to happen! Write down your ideas and thoughts as they occur that day. At the end of the day when you note down all your ideas and thought you will be preserving them forever.

  9. 9. Missing out on a spice. Be your own Entertainer : So, you think your life is boring? Nothing good or spicy can happen in your damn life. Oh please! Be Creative the way you write down your day to day life. Think you are in some Sitcom or Movie, or the least some album song. Letters to self, code words, secret words, Puzzle up your diary and grab some fun!

  10. 10. Feel Lost, Read Yourself Out!!! : Lost and Down, Just read happy day's posts and notes from your diary and find the magical you back again. It can act like a Lighthouse in the Storm. Read yourself out when you're lost, when you forget who you are, when problems of life creeps you in. and ta-da you have all solution in your hand, in pieces of paper that you wrote down sometime back

Note: Do keep in mind, that writing takes a lot of patience and practice.

Do not expect all the changes to occur fortnight.

And also don't lose yourself while writing.

Always maintain and know a thin line between fact and fiction.


Quote:                          "Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever."  - Will Self


With all that said and done! Happy Writing :)

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