Dolphin found dead on Mumbai sea face
     by #TeamPicescorp / April. 23, 2015


On Tuesday, 21st April 2015 on Stones near Marine Drive Sea Face of Mumbai a 12 foot long Inod-Pacific humpback Dolphin was spotted by passers-by. Immediately BMC disaster control management and police authorities were informed. After which it was founded that Dolphin was indeed was dead. It's carcass was taken out from rocks through the Pedestrian Promenade, which was late on disposed at the Deonar dumping ground.

It is little odd that no Post-morten was conducted before disposing the carcass of dolphin. Civic Bodies working for Animal Welfare and Forest Department are disppointed with them believing post-mortem was essential to understand right cause of her death.

Nitin Walmiki, Zoologist from Eco-Echo NGO was quoted saying, "It is a dull, grey-coloured, humpback dolphin which is available in the African and Indian waters. It lives in a group of less than 10 to 12 dolphins and feeds on fish and squids. It is protected in the Gulf of Kutch and China. Due to this, the authorities should have carried out a post-mortem."

Pawan Sharma, president of the NGO Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW), said that the city has no provisions for marine wildlife conservation, which needs to be looked into and acted upon immediately. He also added that " The humpback dolphin, being protected under Schedule 2 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, the forest department and other concerned authorities should have conducted a post-mortem of the carcass to find out the reason for death"

We agree with Mr. Sharma, as marine life conservation and protection is also an essential part of our nature. We must have laws and strict rules to protect marine animals and creatures. Also if incidence like this occurs then Post-mortem must be conducted to find out what could have ended in death of this humpback dolphin.

Due to lack of any such law, this dolphin which was found on Tuesday was rescued from the stones, and was taken to dumping ground in bus for disposal immediately.

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