I drape myself in black
Draped in Black


Draped in Black

I drape myself in black
To mourn for the people who die
A slow painful death everyday
When someone takes their love away

I drape myself in black
To protest against the discrimination by the human clan
Color of the skin can never define what's within
A man's orientation is his choice
Not something that others decide

I drape myself in black
In remembrance of the people
Who die for the flag
Stupid, I find, to die
For protecting the borders which divide
Nonetheless a sacrifice for love
My respect for it will never be enough

Still you ask why
Why I wear black day and night ?
I drape myself in black
To remind the people of the world we live
A dark dreadful place
Where women, men and infants are raped everyday
A place where humans die an inhumane death
When the bullet strikes their head
A dark world of revenge and hate
Humans trying to be God in life's race

If you still ask me why
Why I drape myself in black?
I guess I have no more reasons left
Maybe you can be happy with the one in your head

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