Get away from an earthquake in 10 ways.


What is an earthquake : An earthquake is a sudden release of energy that can be a cause of some distraction in the surface of the earth. This may be a result of movements of earthís crust or may be a result of some volcanic action.

Richter magnitude scale : In 1935, Charles Francis Richter and Beno Gutenberg of the California institute of technology developed the Richter magnitude scale. This is also famously known as Richter scale. This scale is actually for measuring the intercity of the earthquake.
Richter is a base-10 logarithm scale. With a magnitude of 2 or less are called micro earthquake, and a magnitude of 7 or more called major earth quake. Full description of Richter magnitude scale is given bellow.

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Todayís Earthquake - 25th April 2015 :

lt was a massive distraction when a major earthquake taking place today in Nepal. In Richter scale it was more than 7.5 which was a major earthquake. Around 700 people died today in Nepal and it is being massive loss. Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi orders a medical team to dispatch to Nepal.
On 25th April 2015, Tremors were felt in north India as well around 11:30 am. Massive tremors were felt on Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and others parts of northern India.
Nepal has faced massive loss, many people have lost their lives and many others are terribly injured. Google has also launched an initiative to help track down people that are missing, Do visit Google People Finder if you are looking for someone in Nepal or if you have information on someone.

Find Helpline numbers here


First of all do not panic and donít let others panic. Be safe and protect others by helping them understand how to get away from an earthquake.
1) Take cover by getting under a table or other furniture and hold tight until it stops.
2) Stay away from anything that could fall like things made of glass, windows, doors, wall etc.
3) Donít use a doorway until itís strongly supported.
4) Do not use elevators.
5) Do not change location during an earthquake, just take cover.
6) Stay away from electric meters and other electric zones.
7) If you are outside, stay away from a falling building.
8) If you are outside stay away from street lights, big trees, and also electric wires.
9) If you are in a moving vehicle stop quickly but stay away from buildings, trees and anything that can fall.
10) Also stay away from bridge or ramps they can damage by the earthquake.


1) Do not light up a match.
2) Move safely and carefully.
3) Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or cloth.
4) Tap and make sound so the rescuers can find you. If itís not necessary donít shout because shouting can inhale some dangerous amounts of dust.

What We can do is only measure the quake on Richter scale but we cannot control it. Though we can not control the nature and cannot protect the buildings or other structures from damage but we can save lots of life that can be harmed. This is a general awareness which you can share with others and let them understand the values.

Let us help each other, and be safe. Praying for all those families that lost life and whose loved ones got injured.

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