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12 Things That Your Angry Car Wants You To Listen Now
    by Angry Young Indian / April. 25, 2015


You own a car, which not just you but everyone around you loves. Car that gives you superb performance, looks damn good and you have pretty much made it like you second home.
Have you ever wondered though, whether your car has mutual feelings of love towards to you or not?

Here is what your four wheeler wants to tell you. Keep calm and Listen now.

  1. When my company gave you sitting capacity it was to be followed not exceeded,
    Y u no learn that?


  2. You don't like to have bath still you get it everyday, where as poor me ..
    I love to stay clean but I get it once a week.


  3. I am not a dining table you just can not eat Inside me


  4. If you having bad stomach please run to the loo,
    I don't need weird smells and sounds coming from you. Eww!!


  5. You dine in fine restaurant , Please know that even I need quality fuel.


  6. Do You know how many eve teasers and stalkers are around? What if they steal or kidnap me? You have to have to provide better security and shed for me.


  7. When am mad am mad, restarting my engine won't help. Keep Calm Bitches


  8. To those idiots who tries and damage me for the rivalry of my owner,
    if he has done something to you hit him/her, not me.


  9. You don't have to deck me up in decor as you please, it's my body and choice shoud be mine.


  10. Yeah rash driving is very cool but that's for you, I am not at all intresred in few more injuries.


  11. Your love making sessions are pretty intense and I enjoy it thoroughly but that doesn't mean you have to jerk me off to an big O by shaking me hysterically!


  12. Get one thing very clear, between you and me its only me who is allowed too drink and drive. *EvilGrin*


Does your angry car has point to be listed here?
Do let me know in comments below or on twitter.

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