The Engineer confused between Uber and Zenefits, gets answer from CEO..
    by Bijal Vyas / May. 10, 2015


An Engineer with great ambitions to work with google and apple had received offer from Uber and Zenefits. The Confused man decided to ask Biggest Question Answer community, as What job he should take up. Interestingly he listed down Pros and Cons of both the side. Where he did appear little dis-satisfied with Brand name of Zenefits stating "My biggest problem with Zenefits is that it isn't a buzzword like Uber. Most people won't know what Zenefits is (or so I think). I think that this isn't as exciting a brand name to have on your resume when applying to the likes of Google."

Asnwers started coming from people who have worked with or somehow dealt with companies mentioned. Twist in the Tale moment occured when Zenefit CEO replied to the thread. Which he Deleted or Lightly edited afterwards, as Read Quote of Parker Conrad's answer to What is the best way to start my career: Uber or Zenefits? on Quora More interestingly the engineer was welcomed by Uber, Read Quote of Mark Rogowsky's answer to What is the best way to start my career: Uber or Zenefits? on Quora
Many including us felt Zenefit's decision and reply rather immature. It would be interesting to see what does Engineer decides.

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