Game Of Thrones - The Indian Way! o.O


So guys this is my first blog, all weak heart people and fan of Hollywood please read it on your own risk as its about “RANI MAHAL” remake of Games of Thrones, yes you read it right. This brutality is done by our all time famous soap queen Miss Ekta kapoor. I am not very sure when its going to be first telecasted on our channels and in pray that day never ever comes. This comes to me as a shock and all other fans of GOT its not even possible to imagine the consequences of it.

Fun fact: GOT is most discussed TV show ion social media beating its competitors like Friends and Sherlock which got 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Being huge fan of GOT it breaks my heart to even think about it. I am not saying that our film fraternity is not capable of making something as amazing as GOT, we are Indians we could do whatever we want its just that one should start with something easy because beginners are bound to make mistake. And making GOT which got themes like incest violence infidelity etc its too hard for Indian audience to digest.

Having said all this we should always look on the brighter side of picture. By making GOT we are going to explore new boundaries of art. This could be the bridge between good and bad cinema. We get to test our limits and above all our favourite characters would return from dead. We again get to see RED WEDDING with all glimpse and glitters. And the best part is we get to enjoy death of Joffery Barethean once again.
Fun Fact 2: GOT is most download series on internet.

To sum it all up I don’t intend to stifle someone ambition to excel but according to me its not a right choice to start with because every Master was a amateur. To all GOT fans best of luck may all Old Gods and new Gods give you strength to bear it. Spoilers alert Shakshi Tanwar is playing Khaleesi

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