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Invention At It's Best Home/Office Locks Whcih you can open Through your Smartphone


Technology has widened it scope beyond our imagination, what is merely a thought in few years down the line it is presented as technology. Have you ever wished that you could open home,office door locks through your smartphone ? Ohh you asked for it and here is company fulfilling your wish.

August company designed locks which you can open through your smartphone. All you need to do is download august app, you can register your family members besides that you can control to whom you want to give access of your home for example if you are out and your friends or relatives are at your doorstep then you can open the lock through your app and give them access to your home and app will give you every notification. you can give access for specific time also

august's encrypted locking techonology is safer than keys that can get lost and code that can be copied

August Connect plugs into any power outlet near your August Smart Lock and uses your home’s WiFi and Internet connection to control your August Smart Lock. With August Connect, you can unlock or lock your door for guests, check your lock’s status and receive instant notifications from anywhere through the August app. To optimize August Connect’s always-on connection, one August Connect is needed for each August Smart Lock. you get activity log of who enters and exits your door with exact details of when they did eneter. And all this remotly from your phone isnt it awesome?
One of the advantage is that it doesnt matter if your power cable or wifi goes down august use 4AA battries that keep running in any circumstance when battries get low they send you reminders.

very easy to install right now the service is availble only in USA and canada for just 250$
You can find more information form HERE

Note : the APP is only avaible right now on IPHONE

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