This is NOT the Indian Culture


It has been 2 weeks to Valentines Day, a very normal day as I was walking through street that looked aloof, on a corner in the dark I saw a couple, hugging and Kissing each other. They looked cute together. And I start Wondering whether these people who act like protectors of our Indian Culture and Indian Value System fondly called as Moral Police are even remotely correct in their demands.
Before I could give more thought to it, I see a man probably in his early 40s, He throws packet of chips that he was eating on street and start walking towards that Couple. He seemed very grumpy and angry, and as I was assuming he starts his Valuable lectures on Indian Culture and Poor couple looks so frightened "Is this Indian Culture? This is what you do? Don't you have shame? Maa - Baap ne kuch sikhaya nahi? ya unse jhooth bolke ye sab karne me maza aata hain? ”
How a couple who was hardly of 18-19 could fight and argue this man, who shouted at top of his lungs.
I decided to take side of this man, and walked towards this trio. "Uncle is right, this is not Indian Culture guys. Don't you understand" I utter with confidence. This man feels his chest rise with proud as he saw me talk in his Agreement. The couple rather looked shocked as a guy who looks in his 20s and is as young as they are is supporting this Man of Values.
I continue with my great speech, “Is this Indian Culture tell me? To hug or kiss your partner on the street where hardly anyone can see you? This is not what our Values teach us! Indian Culture is being offended by such activities, just like this uncle." Now this man seems little irritated, as he starts to feel my disagreement.
"Indian Culture is to respect our parents and elders no matter what they say is right or wrong! Tell me if your relative assaults you what you will do? Fight, argue Raise your voice against it? Wrong? They are elders, always right. You should respect them. Indian culture is to keep your home clean, other than that everything is a dumping ground. Tell me bro? Have you litter around today? Have you made your surroundings little dirtier than they already are" he nods in NO "WOW! And you are doing this here? You should be doing what Indians are supposed to do. Ask this uncle, haven’t he put kachra on this street? "
He snaps in between "Arey beta I saw them tou main inhe samjhane ke chakkar me dustbin me dalna bhul gaya"
"No, no uncle it is all right! In fact it is what we should do. Because our society teach us, showing affection to our partner is not our culture but throwing garbage Here there is. You have followed our great culture.
Indian Culture is not expressing love like this in public, this is a western concept, Indian Culture is to get married to get drunk, and beat your wife. Force your Love on her. And if you are unmarried then our society teaches us, to eve tease girls on streets, and if need be then rape those girls who wear exposing and Skimpy clothes. Because what they are doing is against Indian Culture too, so you must teach them what is right and what is not. At the end they invited you to Rape them by wearing clothes against our country or by coming out of their house at all.
Guys don’t you know one simple rule? Ye India hai boss, yaha Public me mut sakte hain, Chum nahi sakte!! Go Piss in public and if you see any cute girls staring at you, thoda zyada time ruk ke hila bhi liyo, bhai kasam Hindu Maha Sabhi ki no one will stop you. But you choose to do this! This! Kiss in public. Shame On you."

Now that man seems frustrated and starts to leave, I stop him "Arey uncle rukiye tou, aap ko in sab ko sikhana padega, what Indian Culture is. Today's generation na seriously uncle, at one side they will kiss and go obscene in public, and on the other side Rape ke against raise their voice.
Ab who will explain these kids, That in India we cannot accept Rape Victims because you know they asked for Rape. And who knows they might have enjoyed the whole act. Rather we should Follow our value system and start watching Movies of Adult Star. Because Indian Values teach us to accept Porn star as Bollywood star as she is accepting whatever she did. How Bechari she is, but cannot accept a Rape Victim as hello! She invited the Rape. And don’t you know how Rape occurs, you guys hang like this, tou koi bechara ladka, what he will think that girl is freely available and will try and get hanky punky with her as he cannot control his lust. And whom do we blame for such acts, but obvious girls, because you know ladko se galtiya ho jati hain. This is India, here you are supposed to bitch and gossip about each other. If someone is succeeding in their life we should be envious towards it and start Spreading all sort of rumours against them, but showing such gestures of pure/cute love and affection? C’mon this is against Indian Culture.
You are out today holding each other with love, matlab 100% you would have been together on V-Day as well. Don't you know what does Indian Culture and Values states? It commands to get those couple who are holding hands on V-Day, married out of force. But those people who are genuinely in love and want to Get married, we cannot allow them do the same, because again our religion and society does not allow them to do so. How come you are still not married, you should get married as per Indian Culture."

Uncle now seems really angry and finally he raise his voice "Kay chal la he! Kay bolat nahi mi, mhanoon tu kay pan bolnar ka? kabse sun raha hu. thoda sa padh kya liya kya samjte ho khud ko? You Idiot, sala he saghla generation chutiya aahe." he leaves as he continues with his Abuses
"Arey uncle sun e tou jate itna, uncle uncle, see he left. This also is Indian culture to abuse whoever you wish to in public, but AIB Roast is abusive and violent." The guy shakes his hand with me, “Thanks Dude! Really that was awesome speech!” Girl beside him smiles.
I sigh, “Unfortunately it is scenario of our country, and be careful guys. Take care”
They Leave. His arms around her.

P.S Thank god it is just a piece of fiction, and narrated by a guy. Because again who can afford talking or arguing to someone who is acting like a Moral Police or making a female protagonist to give speech like this. As yet again that is NOT Indian Culture.


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